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In Season

About four or five years ago, Terry, myself and a few friends, sat down and contemplated (for months) how to open a market that would just sell local goods. The timing was too early. People wondered where they would get their bananas. Luckily, that didn't deter Shannon and Todd from opening up Denver's first "all local" market, In Season Local Market.

They occupy a space in Lohi (Lower Highlands) off of 32nd and Wyandot. The space is tiny, but the necessities are all there. There is also a nice patio that will usher in the fruits of summer harvest. We went to the grand opening on Saturday. Rubbed elbows with the neighbors. There was an overwhelming feeling of "it's about time".

Field to Fork: The fork part

I'm not sure how I may concisely summarize the "Field to" part, but i will try. Last year while at a dinner party,RMR PheasantRMR Pheasant Terry and Rachel got into a discussion about where our food comes from. Many of us have been having this dialogue for quite awhile- spawned from people like, author Michael Pollan, and movements across the country focused on sustainability and the 'locavore'. But out of their conversation came an idea- "What if we learned how to hunt our food and bring it to the table, and in the process document it on the camera." [that is summarized of course]

Well a year later and they managed to take hunter's safety classes, gun classes, serendipitously found a guide, bought and borrowed gear, went duck-deer-pheasant hunting, cleaned their own birds and rabbit and planned a dinner for twelve to culmintate it all. In the words of Lexie Justice, "Rock On Crouton".

Happy Birthday Mom

I am celebrating you in every way.June 2008June 2008
I miss you beyond reason.

The undertow of grief doesn't seem to ease up.
I am learning to float more.

Having gratitude for the time that your spirit spent with mine.

I love you.

Photo courtesy of Paige Elizabeth


HUSH Denver: Lamb-O-Plenty

The supper club is not a new concept. However, It is a new addition to the Denver dining scene- we seem to be about two years on the uptake with food trends [cupcake and cereal bars ring a bell]. Phil Armstrong, founder of Hush and a partner at Green Spaces, contacted Terry for some Cook Street assistance with the event. Without hesitation, she agreed. This new partnership did not guarantee us a seat at the table, but we did get on the wait list.

DU Politics & Memoir: A Student Collective

My dear friend Nancy is a Political Science professor at DU.
Last semester she taught a Freshman CoverCoverorientation class.
She best describes the unfolding of the project this way:

"An easy refrain around DU is that we are not
a very diverse campus. But with each new
week in this First-Year Seminar we found
out how untrue this was, even within a
group that might have appeared on the
surface to be fairly homogeneous. The
memoirs we read by experienced authors
awakened us to the complexities of social
location, historical legacy, privilege, and
power. Then, as students began applying
the theoretical tools of the course to
reflect on their own autobiographies, our
conversations deepened appreciably.

Pimping Out Sunnyside

We could have moved to the suburbs. We could have found a nice large plot of land in Englewood for cheaper. We could have bought a large track house in Broomfield for pennies on the dollar. But Nooooooo, we had to stay in the urban edge, more specifically Sunnyside.

Sunnyside is what I like to refer to as “the poor Highlands”.

I heart this hood.

Italy: Day Two/Three

Sitting alone at the outside table at 9:15
On a crisp sunny morning
Kip and I are the only ones stirring in the house
I suppose that means the dinner party was a success
Yesterday we went into Orvieto in the morning
To go fetch some things at the market
Pecorino- young enough to melt on the chili cheese toast
Mozzarella (and not the bland cow crap we eat in the states)
Tomatoes, peppers, cranberry beans, peaches, plums and figs
And bread

Italy:Day One

17 hours later, through Chicago,
through two accidental security check points
in Frankfurt before I could locate my gate,
I emerge from customs in Rome.
I was to meet up with Nancy and Laura at the rental car counter.
Ended up twenty feet from behind on the moving sidewalk.
Nancy somehow got us upgraded to a Mini Clubman.
We drove north to Orvieto
to meet up with Kip
who then drove us into the countryside
to our residence for the week.
A lovely villa set amongst

Biscuits, BBQ and Booze

OK, so it was a lofty itinerary and the booze got dissed. Que Shamo!

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